Section 1 - Learning Style

These questions assess how well you will be able to function successfully in an online environment.

Yes Sometimes No
1. I can ignore distractions around me when I study. 
2. I am willing to learn in a group setting, but I can also learn on my own. 
3. I believe that high quality learning can take place without face-to-face interaction. 
4. I like new technologies which may require new approaches to learning and problem solving. 
5. I am comfortable asking questions when needed. 
6. I have developed a good way to solve problems. 
7. I can learn from things I hear, like video lectures, audio recordings, podcasts, and reading text. 
8. I am willing to email or have discussions with people I might never see. 
9. I am self-motivated and able to work independently. 

Section 2 - Commitment

These questions assess how well you will be able to dedicate enough time and resources to your online classes.

Yes Sometimes No
10. I am willing to dedicate 10-20 hours per week on each online course. 
11. I finish the projects I start. 
12. I usually work in a place where I can read and work on assignments without distractions. 
13. I am comfortable with spending several hours at a time on a computer. 
14. I do not quit just because things get difficult. 

Section 3 - Time Management

These questions assess how well you will be able to schedule and allot enough time for your online classes.

Yes Sometimes No
15. I plan my work in advance so that I can turn in my assignments on time. 
16. I like being able to attend a class at times that I choose instead of being tied to a set time and place. 
17. I am good at setting goals and deadlines for myself. 
18. I can work proactively when it comes to completing my homework or meeting course deadlines. 

Section 4 - Technology Proficiency

These questions address technical competence/confidence levels required to succeed in online classes.

Yes Sometimes No
19. I am confident about using a web browser, creating bookmarks. 
20. I am comfortable with downloading and installing software on my computer if need be. 
21. I know where to find technical support, or how to problem solve if technical issues arise. 
22. I am comfortable using technology, such as email and a web browser.