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Since 1991 Chemeketa Online has offered a total of 796 different courses online over the years.

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Courses shown in this catalog have been offered through distance learning during the past three years. Not all courses or instructors are available every term.

This is not the way to the actual classes. See the List of Classes for more information.

For each course you will find message links to contact an instructor associated with the course, as well as links to the bookstore and how to register.

Courses offered during the past four terms (min. three sections):

AH115  ART101  ATH101  ATH102  ATH103  ATH212  BA101  BA104  BA115  BA177  BA202  BA204  BA206  BA209  BA211  BA212  BA213  BA214  BA224  BA226  BA228  BA238  BA268  BA277  BA285  BI231  BI232  BI233  BI234  CA118A  CA118B1  CA118B2  CA118D  CA118F1  CA121  CA201D  CA202D  CA220  CG114  CH104  CH105  CH106  CH110  CH172  CIS101  CIS120  CIS120A  CIS121  CIS125A  CIS125E  CIS140B  CIS140U  CIS178I  CIS195  CIS295  CLA201  COMM100  COMM115  COMM218  COMM237  COMM285  CS160  DRF130  DRF131  DRF132  DRF140  DRF150  DRF160  DRF170  DRF210  EC200  EC200  EC201  EC202  ECE155  ED100  ED200  ED235  EGR248  ENG100  ENG104  ENG105  ENG106  ENT145  ENT150A  ENT150B  ENT150C  ES172  FA257  FE205B  GE103  GEG100  GEG106  GEG107  GEG201  GEG207  GEO201  GEO202  GEO203  GS104  GS105  GS106  GS107  GS142  GS143  HDF260  HE204  HE209  HE213  HE250  HE251  HM101  HM120  HM121  HM122  HM161  HM210  HPE295  HS101  HS152  HST104  HST105  HST106  HST201  HST202  HST203  HST269  HTM100  HTM107  HTM125  HTM130  HTM131  HTM208  HTM226  HTM232  HTM244  MTH020  MTH060  MTH070  MTH095  MTH105  MTH111  MTH112  MTH241  MTH243  MTH244  MTH251  MUS105  MUS161  MUS201  NFM215  NFM225  PE185CA  PE185CB  PE185CC  PE185WA  PE185WB  PE185WC  PH202  PH203  PHL201  PHL203  PS201  PS202  PSY101  PSY104  PSY201  PSY202  PSY234  PSY237  PSY239  RD090  RD115  REL201  REL202  REL203  SLP186  SLP189  SLP190  SLP192  SLP193  SLP194  SOC204  SOC205  SOC206  SOC210  SOC221  SOC232  SSP060  SSP112  SSP115  SSP116  SSP117  SSP118  SSP125  VC130  VC134  VC147  VMW122  WR090  WR115  WR121  WR122  WR227  WR242  WR250  WS101  WS102  XCS0001A  XST9000D  XST9000E  XWR0512B