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Faculty Course Developer Agreement:

I agree to serve as FACULTY COURSE DEVELOPER and to have the above course undergo a Quality Matters Peer Course Review.

I agree to:

  • Provide access to the course named above and its associated materials to selected trained peer reviewers.

  • Complete the Instructor Worksheet to provide supplemental information to review team.

  • Communicate with the review team as needed regarding the course in review.

  • If needed, make the modifications necessary to meet QM standards.

  • Complete the review process, including revisions, within the 20-week timeline required by QM.

* September 23, 2018

Next Steps:

Once an application is approved for a QM review, here is a summary of what happens:

  • Chemeketa Online will set up a QM Review course shell with your course content, but no student data. You will receive access to this review shell for preparation. We'll also contact you to complete an Instructor Worksheet that provides the review team with more course information.

  • Chemeketa Online will assign a review team of three QM-trained Peer Reviewers. The Team Chair will contact you to schedule a pre-review conference call between you and the review team.

  • The assigned Team Chair will lead the review process, which typically takes 3 - 5 weeks to complete. During the review, you may be contacted to clarify course details or make minor revisions.

  • The Team Chair will submit the final review report to you, the faculty developer. If the course doesn't initially meet QM standards, you will submit a Course Amendment form indicating the revisions you intend to make.